Rules & Regulations

  • Strictly no bank fishing
  • No live bait
  • All dead bait must be frozen for a minimum of 48 hours prior to use
  • Only landing nets, anchors/mud weights, unhooking mats and drogues provided by Fish Loch Katrine are allowed on the boat
  • Maximum 3 rods/angler and a total maximum of 6 rods/boat (bait fishing)
  • Pre baiting is not allowed
  • Pike strictly catch and release. Eels, salmon and sea trout, which are caught rarely, are also strictly catch and release
  • Brown trout fishing is fly only with as bag limit of 2 fish/day per person. All fish under 11 inches and over 20 inches to be returned
  • Barbless hooks only for dead bait and fly fishing. For spinning barbed hooks are allowed
  • Appropriate unhooking tools (long neck pliers and cutter, forceps etc.) required when pike fishing
  • Appropriate fishing equipment to be used when pike fishing. Main line and wire trace with a minimum of 30lb breaking strain required
  • Do not beach the boat unless there is an emergency
  • Maximum of three persons per boat, all of whom may fish
  • Buoyancy aids or life jackets provided must be worn while by or on the water
  • The consumption of alcohol or any other psychoactive substance (legal or not) is not permitted, prior or during the rental
  • A disclaimer form must be signed prior to any rental
  • Please be considerate towards fellow anglers and keep a minimum of 50m to any other boat wherever possible
  • Take extra care while driving on the private access road to the fishery

Contact Details

For boat booking and information please call the fishery on 07591 099 826, send an email to or use the form below.